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Trowbridge great great grandfather

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Wed 03 Feb 2016

Trowbridge great great grandfather


To commemorate the milestone, Mr Taylor proudly opened his card signed by the Queen on January 30.

“He thoroughly enjoyed all of it,” said his daughter Carol Walton. “He understandably got quiet emotional with family and friends there and receiving a card from the Queen with her signature.

“He seemed quite overwhelmed by it all but loved every minute of it. Just delighted.

“It is an incredible achievement. I am not quite sure how he has done it. He said he is hoping for his next card from the Queen when he turns 105.”

The lifelong Manchester United fan, born to parents Daisy and Charles Taylor, is a Trowbridge man through and through, and has never left the town.

When the Second World War came calling, Mr Taylor, who was working at the Spencer Moulton engineering firm at the time, went to enrol but was told he would be more valuable if he continued to work in engineering. According to Mrs Walton, Mr Taylor, who went onto work at the Avon Rubber factory, then as a long distance driver before retiring aged 75, was recruited to help in the making of Spitfires.

“I remember we used to all cram into this little Ford car to Weymouth,” said Mrs Walton.

“Somehow us four kids, the parents and our Alsatian squashed into that little car and made it down to the seaside. There were so many great times with family and cousins on those holidays.

“He used to say what is the point of leaving England when you’ve got all this.

After 100 years, Mrs Walton wasn’t sure what the reason was behind her father’s longevity but was immensely pleased he had reached the momentous age.

“We used to joke amongst the family that it was down to all the stout and Guinness that he drank that kept him going,” she said.

“To be honest I am not really sure. It isn’t the luck of the Irish so maybe it is something else.”

The centenarian has four children, 13 grandchildren, 39 great grandchildren and seven great great grandchildren.