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'I died in the ambulance'

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Tue 24 May 2016

'I died in the ambulance'

NICK Blackwell has lifted the lid on just how close he came to losing his life following his ill-fated fight with Chris Eubank Jr whilst reiterating his displeasure with the behaviour of the new British middleweight champion and his famous father whilst he lay in an induced coma.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier today, the 25-year-old revealed that he required an adrenaline shot to save his life after his heart stopped beating as he was rushed to hospital following his punishing defeat to Eubank Jr at Wembley Arena on March 26.

The Trowbridge star then spent seven days in a coma, during which time Eubank Jr, 26, and his father, former world champion Chris Eubank Snr, held a press conference, despite Blackwell’s family urging the pair not to do so.

Blackwell has since recovered, although he has retired from boxing, and says that he has been left ‘disappointed’ by the actions of the Eubank clan.

“I couldn’t actually remember anything about the fight. I can remember being in the changing rooms, walking out, but the whole fight; I can’t remember anything,” said the Wiltshire man.

“I obviously only got told when I woke up. The doctor; I want to say thanks to him because he saved my life.

“He got me into the ambulance, induced me into a coma within 13-and-a-half minutes of being in the ring and I did – I flat-lined, so I died for a little while and he injected adrenaline into my heart and then I started breathing again, and from then, I was in a coma.

“I’m back to 100 per cent now and I’m back to my normal self.

“I’m just a little bit disappointed because if Eubank was in situation and he was in a coma, I would want to go and see Eubank.

“And the whole thing with him wanting to do a press conference – my family were begging them not to do it and they still went ahead and done it.

“They said they wouldn’t talk about me and they’d just talk about Chris Eubank’s future.”

During March’s fight, Eubank Snr was captured by TV cameras instructing his son not to aim for Blackwell’s head but the Trowbridge fighter rubbished suggestions that was done with his safety in mind, asserting instead that the Eubanks were simply looking for a way to win the contest with a stoppage.

Blackwell said: “Anyone in boxing knows it’s more of a tactical thing. He couldn’t stop me to the head, so he wanted to hit me in the body to try and get rid of me.

“When he (Eubank Snr) says (that) he had a lot of pressure do the press conference, all he could have done is put one line out there and just said ‘we’ve been told by the Blackwell family that they don’t want us to do the press conference and when he wakes up, then we’ll do a press conference’ – that’s all he had to say.

“I haven’t got anything against him (Eubank Jr) as a fighter – I think he’s a really, really good fighter – but as a person, some of the things he said and done, I personally wouldn’t have done.”

In response to Blackwell’s version of events, Eubank Snr told Good Morning Britain: “Public/media pressure was so huge we felt we had to hold the press conference.

“It was done with the full knowledge of the (British) Boxing Board of Control. Nick is a wonderful man and gentleman and warrior.”

Blackwell’s younger brother Dan, who also retired from boxing in April after his brother’s ordeal, also spoke on the ITV breakfast programme.

He said: “Being part of Nick’s family – I’ve got my own family as well, with two kids and a girlfriend – I just never want to put them in the same situation that we as a family were in.

“That’s why I retired from the sport.

“It was horrible. I was talking to someone as it happened and then turned around and saw him laid down.

“You don’t ever expect anything like that to happen.”